Hi there!

I'm Karen Gudmunds

I’m a freelance web developer, photographer and social media content creator all in one. I am passionate about luxury travel, lifestyle and female entrepreneurship, and I love helping brands capture the essence of their personality, then telling their story through my work.

I specialise in all things web development, visual content through photography, digital marketing, social media and strategy management, branding and content creation. It’s a big job, and I love creating all of it – for me and for my clients.

My story currently has me circling the globe while promoting scenic destinations, luxurious accommodation, unique brands and stunning landscapes. This will allow me to share my story in the hope of inspiring women around the world to get out and experience the beauty I’m lucky enough to see at every stop. Even more, I hope to encourage people to live the life they want when they see my work.

My happiest days are spent either behind my camera capturing beautiful imagery or behind my computer creating and sharing my website designs.

I offer a range of photography, web development & content packages. For a full list of services contact me at hello@karengudmunds.is