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I am a freelance designer and developer focused on building websites that put content first. I bring a attention to detail to every project I take on, and work with clients from all over the world. I want to bring your vision and style to life in well-designed websites, which is why I code my websites from beginning to end. This way your website will reflect your company’s brand story, values and style in your own unique website design.

Mattress Company

19 November 2019 Bali Indonesia

Mattress company was the first ever website I coded from scratch. Recently, I attended a 10 day bootcamp in Web development with Institute of Code in Bali. It was not like what you think of when you think of school, classes or bootcamp. Institute of code is the top coding bootcamps in not just Bali but the world. With the best mentors out there. When learning web development for the first time the working environment makes a huge difference and the IOC location in Bali is more than you could dream of.

Website Template

8 November 2019 Bali Indonesia

Website Template is the second project I worked on while attending ICO. One page website fits brands perfectly that wants a online presence without a tons of content.