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I started my journey of photography about two years ago. My first client owned restaurants and cafes, and they wanted me to capture not only the beautiful food but also the atmosphere and experience in the venue. Since my first shot of the delectable plates of food and the warm and inviting ambience of the restaurant, I’ve been motivated to help other businesses create their own captivating brand essence through words, color and photographs.

Carlabella Designs

15 February 2021 Canggu, Bali

Carlabella Designs is an ethical, sustainable linen label clothing company located on the surf coast of Victoria, Australia. It was my pleasure to shoot Carlabella's upcoming collection. This collection of soft linen dresses were a dream to shoot even on a very hot sunny day in Bali.

Bacaro Pizza Restaurant

15 January 2021 Canggu, Bali

I have so much passion for food photography and had the best time shooting at this beautiful restaurant right before Christmas. It was a very sunny and hot day in Bali, but we all had a blast, eating delicious food and drinking tasty wines. Bacaro Pizza is one restaurant that...

Swimwear shoot with Keira

29 December 2020 Uluwatu, Bali

Shooting this stunning friend of mine was such a highlight of my recent trip to Uluwatu. Keira and I decided to play around creating content for Curaswim brand while on our little getaway down in Mandala the Rock. We were having the best time, smiling and laughing the entire shoot...

New Born Photoshoot

28 December 2020 Reykjavík, Iceland

This was the sweetest family photoshoot of all time. It was so special because this couple have been waiting for this beautiful miracle baby boy for the longest time. I felt so fortunate to be able to shoot this special moment with them. It was hard not to cry out...

Family Fall Photoshoot

15 November 2020 Reykjavík, Iceland

I loved every moment of capturing this little family, my family. All the smiles and these two little guys came with lots of energy. Running around and having tons of fun together during our fall shoot.

Fall Photoshoot

22 October 2020 Reykjavík, Iceland

It is no secret that I love fall photoshoot. There's just something about the vibrant orange colour that speaks to me and makes me so happy. It was such a pleasure learning and hearing about this talented singer and his business while we created some beautiful new branding shots for...

Panorama Glass Lodge

17 September 2020 Southern, Iceland

Panorama Glass lodge is one place in Iceland that you absolutely cannot miss of you have the change to stay in this area. I love shooting spaces that I immediately connect with, and panorama glass lodge was no exception. It's a beautiful scandinavian inspired concept with views that takes your breath...

Memo Iceland

17 September 2020 Reykjavík, Iceland

I really loved getting creative for Memo Iceland latest product shoot this month! Had the best time shooting for this amazing brand because their products are so incredibly well thought out. The company specialises in design of modern silk scarves. Their products are made with hundred percent silk and are...

KH Klubbhus - Restaurant

10 September 2020 Reykjavík, Iceland

I've always been drown to food photography and I love helping restaurant capture the essence of their personality through their food and vibe within the restaurant. So, if you're anything like me, a foodie, with a big passion for photography! Which is why I love combining the two as often...

Institute Of Code

10 September 2020 Bali, Indonesia

Let me explain what the Institute of Code is. At the heart of it is a ten day intensive course to learn how to code websites and learn everything one needs to know about social media. In the beginnings of each day Tina the co-founder of IOC will go through...

The Mocca

6 September 2020 Bali Indonesia

The Mocca is a beautiful restaurant in Canggu, Bali. Shooting this restaurant was such a highlight of my last trip in Bali. The restaurant is stunning and the food is delicious. I love shooting food and restaurants. The Mocca is on my highly recommended list if you're visiting the area....

Zero Waste Bali

15 April 2020 Bali, Indonesia

I really loved shooting for this amazing brand located in Bali. Because their products are absolutely incredible with the intention to help you make eco conscious lifestyle changes.

Rosella Mosty Jewelry

23 March 2020 Boston MA

Rosella Mosty Jewelry just launched their latest collection of jewellery and a brand new website. To celebrate the launch she wanted to capture photos of each piece. Photos were taking on a sunny but chilly day in Boston, Massachusetts. It was so special to be part of this new launch...

Earth Covers

6 January 2020 Bali Indonesia

At the end of last year I had the pleasure of shooting for an Australian brand these beautiful vintage ego friendly rugs at a gorgeous villa in Bali. It was a neutral color theme, creative and fun project.

Sailing in Norway

8 November 2019 Lofoten Norway

Sailing in Norway has no shortage of beautiful landscape and was a mind blowing experience. Life on a boat, completely remote, only surrounded by raw nature is the best feeling in the world.