Institute Of Code

25 February 2020 Bali, Indonesia

Let me explain what the Institute of Code is. At the heart of it is a ten day intensive course to learn how to code websites and learn everything one needs to know about social media. In the beginnings of each day Tina the co-founder of IOC will go through a lesson on a particular topic, but there is also a lot of time spent one-on-one with a mentor. There is a really good ration that there’s normally about one mentor for every three or four students. The best things about Institute of Code except from all the learning is the location. We’re here at a luxury villa in Bali. The bedrooms and bathroom are generous in size. Each bathroom offers a huge walk in wardrobe with ample space for storing personal items. The classes take place in a large entertaining room, and all meals are held at a large table in the living room. Finally, the villa features a large lap pool which is perfect after a long day by the computer.